Hiking in Norway

Dovrefjell National Park The first half of September 2017 we left for Dovrefjell National Park in Norway.  It is located in the high mountain area of ​​Dovre and Sunndalsfjella. The park spans over 1500km² consisting of a mostly alpine ecosystem.  Here is an overview of our 9 day trip. (Photos taken by Melvin Roebersen, Francis Couderé,... Continue Reading →


"Somebody once asked could I spare some change for gas 'I need to get myself away from this place' I said 'yep, what a concept I could use a little fuel myself And we could all use a little change' -Greg Camp "All Star"  from Smash Mouth  

Sleeping in the Wild

This adventure took place a good couple of years ago but I recently found the pictures again and I wanted to share this with you. In may of 2013 a good friend and I decided to go on a hike in a greener and more beautiful part of Belgium. We would go for two days... Continue Reading →

Hitch Hiking Adventure

Last week I tried my hand on my first long haul hitch hiking trip. Antwerp to Heidelberg: a 450 km long trip over well connected motorways. We left in the morning and were almost immediately joined by the rain. It was harder than we thought. It started off slowly in Antwerp. We got our first... Continue Reading →

The Forests of Sarawak

Thick sheep like clouds are hanging in the sky. An eagle is hoovering like a smudge against the icy whiteness of those clouds. There are no airplane streaks to be seen. In the west the sun is slowly creeping towards the horizon. The angled sunlight gives the forest beneath a vibrant green colour. Rolling hills... Continue Reading →

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