Cleaning Chicken Intestines 

On my very first day in Malaysia I already got to do something I had never done before, a new skill to start my list from the get go.  It was nothing else than the cleaning out of chicken intenstines, preparing livers, stomaches and hearts. First you cut away the gal blader from the liver. You empty out the stomach content and rip out the lining. All the fat needs to be cut away and then everything needs a wash. It is not the most enjoyable kind of job and there is a lot of fiddly work for little reward. The meaty parts got mixed in with the cabbage but basically everyone left them and a lot of the perfectly cut up and cooked intestines I had to throw away after lunch. 

A few days later I also got to cut of the end of the toes of chicken feet so they too could be cooked and served. Overall an interesting experience.


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