Outbac Broga

I am sitting here on my last half day in Outbac. Instant cofee and piramidically wrapped noodles. In a few hours I will be going to the airport, closing the Broga chapter of this journey. It saddens me. This place is truly a delight. I enjoyed my time in this outdoor camp so much. If you are looking for a volunteer spot during your travels in Malaysia, this is definitely a place you should consider. Not only as a volunteer but as a guest you will have a great time. Everything is well organised, the campsite is nice and the activities are fun. But the thing that makes this place truly awesome is the crew of instructors and staff. Everyone brings so much energy every day which creates a good and welcoming atmosphere. The other volunteers where so nice as well, I am glad I got to meet all of them. The past 2 weeks were absolutely amazing. I could not have wished for a better start of this journey.

For me Outbac had the perfect combination of “outdoorsyness” and comfort. After a hot day working in the kitchen and doing some of the activities, you can enjoy a nice shower and some AC. Even the dormroom where I slept had AC which was very nice. There was always a chance to participate in the activities in my free time: climbing, ziplining, archery, waterfall abseiling, some “football”, Broga Hill hikes,… All the things I like to do. And after a full day (or not so full day, kind of depends what you feel like doing) you can curl up on the couch and watch a movie.

Work in the kitchen was  intresting because I got to work with ingredients I had never worked with before. The work mainly consisted of cutting and washing up but that was okay because it was only for about 5 hours a day. As a volunteer you work not even half as much as all the staff and instructors. There is work in the kitchen from early in the morning till midnight. The instructors work tirelessly sometimes preforming at the campfire till late at night, to get up around 5 AM the following morning to take a group to see the sunrise on Broga Hill. Housekeeping keeps all the rooms and bed sheats clean, can you imagine washing sheets of hundreds of people every week? All this is done be just a small team of very dedicated staff members. I gained so much respect for all the people working here.

This place will always stick with me.


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