Waterfall Abseiling

I have abseiled before but never from a waterfall, that is why this experience deserves a post on this page. It all started with a short drive in the back of a pickup truck. I joined a ‘meet up’ group from Singapore, which meant that they didn’t know each other very well so there was no problem with me tagging along. After the drive there was a hike through the jungle up to the waterfall. Musquito’s everywhere. The set up at the waterfall was quite impressive, 3 lines with multiple anchorpoints. I was one of the last to start my decend to the bottom. The water aspect of the abseiling makes the entire thing a bit trickier compared to a dry one because the rocks are very slippery. I got the bruises to prove it. Nevertheless it was a fun experience, one I would definitely do again.

Sadely I have no pictures of this adventure as I didn’t want to break my camera or my phone….


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