The Philosophy of Life

This morning I had the most peculiar encounter. I was sitting on a bench after a somewhat turbulent night.( An older man walked up to me and started talking to me. He told me he was Chinese Malaysian and his ancesters had moved to this region about a hundred years ago. He told me he wanted to practice speaking English and asked me where I was from. His English was very good. Than he asked me to guess how old he was. I  wanted to say 65 at first but I realised he was older so I said 69. He was actually 80 years old and still fit as a daisy. 

‘If you are kind to other people, you will have a long life.’ he told me.  That was his secret. He learned it from his mother, an iliterate but wise woman. If you are kind you will be happy. Everything he said made a lot of sence.

‘I live by one rule,’ he said ‘3+3=6’. He explained to me that he walks every day from 8 am to 9 am. He has been doing it for 20 years. While he walkes he breaths in for 3 steps, holds it for 3 and then breaths out for another 3. He made me aware of his suntanned arms to prove that he really walkes every day. He even preformed some of his walking skills for me.

Then he said ‘I know the Philosophy of Life.’ and he took something out of the pocket of his shirt, a piece of paper. One piece of paper that contained the entire Philosophy of Life. This is what was written down:

Shared by Y.T Ong (age 78) Malaysian/Chinese

Nov 2015 at Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia.

The followings ‘What really is worthwhile?’

3 P’s. Passion + Persistion + Possibilities. 

Four things we can do:

1. Drop pretension. Eternity is not for shows

2. Drop worry. Worry is spiritual neersightedness.

3. Let go of discontent. Make a honourable life of whatever is set before us.

4. Let go of self seeking. In the eternal life there is no greed.

Right values can enhance one’s life.

1. Be wise in the use of time.

2. Value work.

3. Seek happiness everyday.  If you are  not happy today, you will never be happy.

4. Cherish Love. True love never nags.

5. Keep ambition in check.

6. Embrace friendschip.

7. Do not fear sorrow.

8. Cherish faith.

In conclusion, life is but kindness. In an old Chinees saying ” throughout the world, we are all brothers and sisters!” It echoed few thousend years ago. Never assume, always ask. In short find out the real facts. Action speaks louder!

Ong (old) Yee (Tade) Teck (Goodness)

He read the entire thing to me and handed me the paper. After a few more words he said goodbye and walked away. Everything that is on that paper is so true and are things I think people should live by. Only number 3 of the values I don’t agree with.  Some days are just not happy days, it does not mean they can not be valuable days. Would the world not be a better place if more people lived by these guidelines?


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