Butterflies in the Sand

Traveling is meeting people, making instant connections. The encounters are short but intense. You go all out for people you only know for a few days, they go all out for you.

For a short moment you fly like a butterfly. These people are the warmth during your days in the sunshine.

And then after a some time you move on, you have to move on, that is what traveling is all about. Goodbyes happen, they have to happen.

All these wonderful people, you might never see them again. You promise to keep in touch, you probably will for a short while. But in the end everyone moves on. This little life you had together is over, ready to be packaged in a memory you keep forever.

The butterfly crashes in the ocean… tries it’s best to swim to shore… go back to its days in the sun. But when it finally washes ashore, the sun has set.

The ocean is filled with butterflies, washing ashore every day, memories in the sand. The shadows of a broken hart.


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