Rules for Travelling through Space and Time

1. When travelling faster then the speed of light, never hold your breath.
2.  Always keep your hands, tentacles and flubberstrips inside the vehicle.
3. Avoid heavy meals before travelling.
4. Smile as you pass the Guubs, otherwise they will be offended and we all know what that leads to…
5. If you are the proud owner of toes, keep them pointed towards each other in an angle of 45° during take off.
6. Never pass the Swickles to the right.
7. Thinking about cauliflowers will make the trip easier on your system.
8. If an emergency stop is required…. Too bad, no emergency stops are possible.
9. People who applaud upon arrival will be banned for live.
10. Watch out for the twazzels when you exit the vehicle.

Thank you for travelling Zwig Zwag, we hope to see you again soon.


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