Sleep Paralysis 1

I present to you some of my own sleep paralysis experiences.


It is late in the afternoon, I had a very busy couple of days and am tired as all hell. I decide to lay down for a while, just a short rest. Before I can even turn off the light I fall asleep. This thick kind of sleep that just hits you and then pins you down. But still I can see my room, the light glaring down at me. It seems like the light is not only coming from the lamp above me but also from the floor. Behind my bed, a gaping hole has opened up. Something has taken over my house, it wants to suck me down into the depths of the earth. My house has turned evil. I want to escape, run away but my limbs are so heavy I can not move them. It feels like gravity has become a hundred times stronger. Everything around me wants to suck me down in the abyss.


I’m in my bunk under my mosquito net somewhere in the Amazon in Peru. I have been sleeping for a while but someone turned on the light. It has woken me up… or has it? I can see the other bunk beds in the room but no one is around. There is something though, a small grey owl is sitting on my night stand. It is watching me intently. It does not like me. It wants to hurt me. I get the sense it wants to pick out my eyes. It keeps staring at me. All I can do is stare back while panic spreads through my body. I can not move, I can not close my eyes. This owl hates me. It is just waiting for the right moment to tare my face of.  


I’m lying in bed in my little student room. It’s dark. Something is wrong. I can not move, the only things I can move are my eyeballs. Something is watching me, I can feel it. Something evil is looming just outside of my field of vision, near my desk. It is emitting a blackness I can not ignore. It wants something from me, it wants to do bad things to me. I want to scream but no sound comes out. There is no hope left, this is the end.


These sleep paralysis experiences are the ones that I remember the best because they freaked me out so much. The last one made me feel uneasy in my room for a good couple of days. They happened a few years apart and already a while ago, before I had ever heard of sleep paralysis. I thought they were just very realistic bad dreams until, a couple days after the last described experience, I was browsing facebook and an article appeared on my wall about sleep paralysis. I was curious so I opened it. The more I read, the more I recognized what it was talking about. All the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. A true mind boggling moment. I couldn’t believe there were actual people who have experienced almost the same as I had, that there was a name for it and a scientific explanation.

This wikipedia page has done so much for me. The explanation it gives for why it happens settled my mind. Now, when it happens I know what it is. It is not scary anymore. It has even opened the doors to lucid dreaming for me.


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