My First Day in Jogja

Travelling is all about unexpected adventures like the one on my first day in Jogjakarta. I arrived in the early morning and like it goes had a little discussion with a taxi driver over the price. In the end he took me for the price I was asking for, that must have been the first time ever I succeed in haggling. Than he took me to the wrong address but in the end I arrived in the leather and souvenir shop on the other side of the Viavia café, my next workaway destination. My host was building a display for in the shop while the three volunteers where looking at him work. I was quickly informed this was not the usual procedure.

Once the display was finished we headed to the garden stay where we, the volunteers, will be put to good use the coming weeks. It is a big piece of land with a few small buildings and many plants and fruit trees. A beautiful quiet place in this busy city but it still needs a lot of work. Finally time for me to get my hands out of my sleeves again.

We did a lot of cleaning and I got an introduction in plumbing.

After the work we went to the house of my host’s parents in law, a freaking massif house with an impressive staircase, too many couches to count, a koi pond and a big ass swimming pool. The last one we got to use. At one end I couldn’t even stand. The real unexpected adventure happened after the swimming though. We had a problem with getting back to the shop because there where to few drivers for the motorcycles seeing I and the other girls don’t really drive them. Maybe I should try. Anyway, I ended up cycling back in this city I had just arrived in and didn’t know at all, in the dark. But I was not going to pas an opportunity to cycle and get lost. The best thing to do in a city is wander. Besides, you never really get hopelessly lost in a city because you can always ask around, you will always find people. I had gotten a pretty decent explanation of the route but I got hopelessly lost quite fast so I started asking around. Everybody was very helpful even though not everyone knew where I wanted to go. I had gotten quite far of track. In the end someone drove his scooter behind me and pushed me the biggest part of the way back… In the pouring rain. By the time I finally had made it back I was completely soaking wet. Luckily it does not get cold around here and seeing I am not made of sugar, a little rain wont kill me. I actually had great fun cycling around, it’s the best way to explore a city.


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