Being Back

Coming back home after a long trip is always tricky. There is the risk of falling in a black hole; that feeling nothing has changed… or the feeling you changed… or everything changed. I was prepared for this and just packed the first few weeks full of things to do: meeting up with friends and family, work, an other trip, finding a place to live, going out,…

The realization that something changed came slowly, it’s still going on. Everything is the same but the way I see things is a little different. Not much though, it’s like looking through slightly tinted glasses. Everything seems to have a different colour.

While travelling, it’s hard to explain to people you meet how life is like back home, in the end you stop trying. Now it is hard to explain what travelling was like. You try to tell a story, an imported part of your life, something you are passionate about but people around you just don’t seem to be very interested. Because they were not there? It must be like listening to someone telling about a dream they had. It’s just not that interesting because you did not experience it.

Because I travelled doing workaways I always stepped in someones life and build a little life of my own with the people there. Always just long enough to make a deep connection, make some lasting memories only to pack up and move again. I have lived so many little lives, met so many people and now the entire trip seems like a distant dream. The things I experienced seem hard to explain, stories seem long and complex to tell. Every now and than a situation pops up where I can share a little of my experience without boring the crap out of the listener, something relatable.

But it is not only about my stories. The joy of being back is to be back in the stories of old friends and to listen to their stories. Finding out that actually nothing changed. Being back to make more shared memories and reminisce about old times. Stories about travel will find there own time to surface. It is good to keep that same spirit as while being away: live in the moment. Those travels are now a part of the past, time to enjoy being back.


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