A day in the life: Sailing the Bahamas

We are sailing at a knot or less away from Great Harbour Cay. The jib and main sail are fully open. The ocean is so clear we can see all the way to the 20 meter deep sea floor. On the right side is a thin ribbon of land. For the rest the calm sea reaches as far as the eye can see, no ship on the horizon.


Yesterday we went snorkeling. The bottom was absolutely breath taking. So may tropical fish in every colour, corals, anemones. It was so worth it. We also brought a pole spear and caught ourselves a nice catch.

On the way back to the big boat we harvested a coconut on a deserted island before we took our dinghy in the direction of the beach club.


The conch fritters where on sale and the Bahamian beer, although a bit weak, was refreshing. Especially because the redness on my sunburned back and ass was coming up.


At 5 the beach club was closing up and everyone disappeared. In the absence of other people we were happily using the fresh water tap near the beach bar (fresh water gets very valuable on a boat) when two guys show up. After a short talk they invited us for a game of petanque. It was a hilarious game on the bars parking lot. Petanque with obstacles: roots, trees, broken up pavement, sand, walls, holes and hills. My team consisted of a couple from Brazil, a guy from California who lives in the Bahamas and our team captain; a perennial surfer dude supporting a white afro  with one giant white dred sticking out from the back. His laugh was contagious. In spite of my burning shoulders I was actually good in this game, anchoring for my team a few times.

When we got back to the dinghy after the game it had ended up on the edge of the water because of the incoming tide. The wash of the waves had filled the dingy quite a bit with salty water and seaweed. We had to preform a small rescue operation before we could head back to the big boat to cook up our catch.


Is that not just the best thing ever?! Eating freshly caught fish just a few dozen meters from where we pulled it out of the water. It reminded me of eating wild boar in the Jungle of Borneo.

After a long and fruitful day we all head to our berths for a good night of sleep.


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