The Forests of Sarawak

Thick sheep like clouds are hanging in the sky. An eagle is hoovering like a smudge against the icy whiteness of those clouds. There are no airplane streaks to be seen. In the west the sun is slowly creeping towards the horizon. The angled sunlight gives the forest beneath a vibrant green colour. Rolling hills covered in thick green jungle as far as the eye can see.

It is peaceful but at the same time noisy. The forest is full of life and every creature has its sound. Birds are chirping, in the distance there is a faint gibbon call, frogs are communicating from a far.  The wind binds all the sounds together into a beautiful symphony.

On one a the hills nearby a distinct orangey brown streak is visible. It is where a road is being build. Every day more trees are cut for the 28km long road connecting Ba,kelalan with Bario. A 20m wide scar cutting through the forest, for ever visible. It is connecting people, providing an easier access to schools and hospitals. A trade of between providing for the distant communities and the conservation of the forest. 20m wide, 28km long: a total of 0,56 km² is being cut. Only a little bit further the remnants of a massive landslide are visible. It was caused by the building of the road.

As it slowly becomes dark the noises diminish to an almost deafening silence. A few stars become visible but the moisture coming of the forest leaves a fine, almost invisible mist that blocks out most of them. The moon is leaving a ghostly white shine over the tops of the trees.


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