Disappointment in Media

This morning I was browsing Facebook and came across an article published by one of the major Belgian newspapers, De Standaard.


The title reads ‘Immoral people are probably atheists.’

It is a short article consisting of only 194 words in which a study is mentioned that concludes that even atheists think that extreme crimes are more likely to be committed by atheists. It does not mention who did the study or what the set up was. It does not give any nuance or background. A claim is made and it seems like the author says: “You see, it is true, there was a study.”

The article gives an impression of hasty content creation, just writing something to write something and in doing so labeling an entire group of people. Dear PVD, was there a deadline to be met? It is like saying that “all Muslims are terrorists” or “all Christians are pedophiles”. What does anyone contribute to the world with publishing generalizations like that? Writing about the morality of an entire believe system in less than 200 words seems a bit blunt. Sadly it happens too often.

What bothers me the most about this poorly written article is that it is published by a major media company, generally publishing content of a higher standard and reaching a lot of people. If companies like this can not keep up a substantiated style of writing where can you find it these days? Is this a symptom of the diminishing mainstream media?



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