The Forests of Sarawak

Thick sheep like clouds are hanging in the sky. An eagle is hoovering like a smudge against the icy whiteness of those clouds. There are no airplane streaks to be seen. In the west the sun is slowly creeping towards the horizon. The angled sunlight gives the forest beneath a vibrant green colour. Rolling hills... Continue Reading →


In The Back

Wind is rushing through my hair while the tropical landscape rushes past. In the distance tree covered hills role by. The air is hot and humid. I am standing in the back of a black pick up truck, looking over the roof of the cabin, holding on to the wide aluminium bar as we follow the... Continue Reading →

Gunung Kinabalu

This mountain is on of the highest in south east Asia with its 4095m. If you are looking for a challenge with technical difficulty, this is not the climb for you. The path up to the summit is very easy and clear. The only difficulty comes in the form of altitude meters. A walk in the park... Continue Reading →

Why I love Kota Kinabalu

Amazing people This city is fairly new with a lot of high rises and shopping malls, especially the last thing. Something that, in it self, does not interest me in the slightest. But through Couchsurfing I have met some new friends who have made this city into my home, a place I love and a... Continue Reading →

Mount Murud

Mount Murud, or Gunung Murud in Malay, is with its 2423m the highest mountain of Sarawak, situated in the Kelabit Highlands. It is reached the easiest from Ba'kelalan or Bario. Despite being the highest mountain around and the trek to the summit being absolutely beautiful, it is not a very popular place amongst tourists which... Continue Reading →

The Mountain

  Far away in the forests of Sarawak you can find a place that is called 'The Tropical Jungle Hide Out'. To reach it you have to drive at least 6 hours by 4WD on logging roads. But when you finally reach the top of the Mountain you are welcomed by Vodka, Wiskey, Label, 5... Continue Reading →


One of the first things young Edward asked was if I wanted to buy his sunglasses. "They are of a good brand, were expensive," he said. I was not very interested. He said he needed the money to buy food. Sorry, still not interested. Edward was staying in the same hostel I was and later... Continue Reading →

Wrong place

As much as I felt at home at the last workaway, so much I felt lost at the place where I arrived last night. I was really looking forward to this project. Working in a bar of which all the profits are donated to a wildlife center, an opportunity to visit the wildlife center and... Continue Reading →

Outbac Broga

I am sitting here on my last half day in Outbac. Instant cofee and piramidically wrapped noodles. In a few hours I will be going to the airport, closing the Broga chapter of this journey. It saddens me. This place is truly a delight. I enjoyed my time in this outdoor camp so much. If... Continue Reading →

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