Sleep Paralysis 1

I present to you some of my own sleep paralysis experiences. ************ It is late in the afternoon, I had a very busy couple of days and am tired as all hell. I decide to lay down for a while, just a short rest. Before I can even turn off the light I fall asleep.... Continue Reading →

Butterflies in the Sand

Traveling is meeting people, making instant connections. The encounters are short but intense. You go all out for people you only know for a few days, they go all out for you. For a short moment you fly like a butterfly. These people are the warmth during your days in the sunshine. And then after... Continue Reading →

Out of the Inside

One day I found myself in a kitchen. I don't know how I got there but there I was, cutting carrots. To my right there was big pile of uncut orange vegetables, on my left a basket halfway filled with perfect discs. A hefty knife in my right hand and a chunky white plastic cutting... Continue Reading →

One Night

I had been travelling for a while when I found myself in a dimly lit bar in a god forsaken town in the countryside. The rain had tainted my mood and the cold had gotten in my bones. Things that would not have changed if I would have stayed in the little hotel room I... Continue Reading →

The Lion

Lion was very angry. Someone had taken away her tree, the tree she loved the most. It was the thing that provided perfect shade for her favourite resting spot. A place she would always hang out during the hottest hours of the day since she was just a little cub. Today, like every day, she... Continue Reading →


Big and green was the being of Cendre. Beautifully quiet and busy at the same time. What do you do when you have never known pain or blackness? Just bliss, no stinky business . But beauty without ugliness is just being. It's not beauty. It is empty and plain. So Cendre was obsessed with blackness,... Continue Reading →

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