"But we all still have lots of time to do everything. So defer a bit and be more set up. Time will fly by until next time." - Dan


In The Back

Wind is rushing through my hair while the tropical landscape rushes past. In the distance tree covered hills role by. The air is hot and humid. I am standing in the back of a black pick up truck, looking over the roof of the cabin, holding on to the wide aluminium bar as we follow the... Continue Reading →

Being Back

Coming back home after a long trip is always tricky. There is the risk of falling in a black hole; that feeling nothing has changed... or the feeling you changed... or everything changed. I was prepared for this and just packed the first few weeks full of things to do: meeting up with friends and... Continue Reading →

The Lizard

I saw it as I walked passed the abandoned house. My pace was fast and my mind was somewhere far away, dreaming up scenarios for my future that would probably never turn into reality. Nevertheless my eye caught the movement in the darkness. It took a while for my mind to register and by the... Continue Reading →

"Travelers see what they see, tourists see what they came to see." -Luqman

Gunung Kinabalu

This mountain is on of the highest in south east Asia with its 4095m. If you are looking for a challenge with technical difficulty, this is not the climb for you. The path up to the summit is very easy and clear. The only difficulty comes in the form of altitude meters. A walk in the park... Continue Reading →

In Love

  I'm in love... ...with traveling ...with all the people I have met ...with the places I have been ...with the generosity I have received ...with the songs people have sang ...with the food I have eaten ...with the mountains I have climbed ...with the conversations I have had ...with the adventures I have experienced... Continue Reading →

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